Hopefully by now you have seen many of the wonderful resources that Clearnote Songbook has to offer. If you have benefitted from this website, you might be tempted to think the idea of the songbook came about from some guys who had a “great” idea. But actually, there is much more to it than that.

The back-story is that there was a small church of faithful men and women who desired to live according to Scripture and who were in prayer for a reformation of the Church. As their church grew very slowly and humbly, they realized that they needed to make a way for other people to benefit from the resources and teachings that have been so helpful to them. Thus, Clearnote Fellowship was formed.

A central part of Clearnote Fellowship’s mission involves training men for the pastorate and their wives to support them in their work. If there are to be faithful churches that will continue to build God’s Kingdom, these churches must be led by faithful pastors. It is for this end that Clearnote Pastors College was founded. Click here to learn more about the Pastors College.

Are you a worship leader or aspire to be one? Read this.

In America, there is no shortage of worship leaders in the church. But the church doesn’t need anymore hobbyist musicians trying to “get their thrill on” in worship. Leading worship is pastoral and so, only a pastor or someone who has been trained to shepherd the flock should do it--not just any musician who calls himself a Christian. Leading God’s people is important work and so it must be done carefully with discernment. This is why we have developed a new component in Clearnote Pastors College called the Worship and Liturgy track. In addition to the regular core classes of the Pastors College, it also involves courses on the History of Christian Worship, Theology of Worship, Liturgics, Songwriting and Technology, along with practical hands-on training in leading worship.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact us.