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New Song: Psalm 76 | The Wrath of Man

(This Sunday at Clearnote Church, Bloomington, we'll be singing a new adaptation of Psalm 76 for the first time. For your edification and for the sake of our congregation, I've posted a demo of Psalm 76 | The Wrath of Man that I originally prepared for our worship band.)

For thousands of years the 150 Psalms have been the prayerbook for the people of God. It was not until a few centuries ago that many in the church abandoned the practice of singing and praying the Psalms. As Jody Killingsworth says here in an earlier blog post, "There's a long and complicated history to why the Church departed from singing the Psalter… Yet it is our conviction, as it is the conviction of a growing number of Reformed believers, that the Psalter must be reclaimed for our day."

And this is what we are working towards with Clearnote Songbook, slowly but surely, and there are many good reasons why...

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Preparing the next generation of hymn writers

CNPC Commencement(Be sure to follow the song links at the bottom of this post...)

In Clearnote Pastors College (CNPC) this year, we witnessed the graduation of five men who endured three years of intense shaping and cultivation in preparation for ministry. Three of these men (the three on the far right in the photo) had an added component to their studies called the Worship and Liturgy track, designed to "hone" their musical gifts in preparations for worship ministry...

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The Holy Hip-Hop Movement

A lot of words have been written concerning Reformed Rap over the past several days in response to this video. Many have come to defend this genre as a result of the video, and so I'm thankful that Reformed Rap (a.k.a. Holy Hip-Hop music) is finally getting some good publicity. My fellow brothers and I at Clearnote are grateful to have the opportunity to shoulder in the work with these brothers as we proclaim the good news to those who are perishing.

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